Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Supplying foreign fighers

So where do these foreign come from? Commander Salamander has an interesting post (hat tip: NC)discussing this point and links to an interesting chart:

On the chart, it shows the United States providing 100 foreign fighters into the mix.  He notes that that might sound like a lot, but goes onto note that if you adjusted the much smaller European numbers, to their also much smaller population, the European numbers start looking large:  Canadas's 100 becomes 183 (still a small number), But Britain's 500 becomes 2,449 in U.S. per capita terms, Belgium's 300 becomes 8,408.  Pretty much all the listed European countries have a much larger percentage of their population fighting for the Islamic revolutionaries in the Middle East.  Even Finland's "tiny" number (30) equates to 1,731 in U.S. terms.  A number that I would say is starting to approach the worrisome level.  Finland has a population of 5.439 million, this is very close to the population of Minnesota (5.420 MM).  I am sure Minnesota would not be particularly happy having 30 head chopping fanatics running around their state: Vikings excepted.

Chart found here


PioneerPreppy said...

I wonder what the actual numbers per nationality is of Mid Easterners into Europe opposed to the US. By total population percentage US numbers may look small but what is the percentage by total of those Nationalities and/or Religion.

Could change the view around once again.

russell1200 said...

Pioneer: Of the ones I looked up, the higher percentage European countries also have a slight numbers edge.

Think how many Spanish we get as economic refugees/immigrants, and realize that a huge junk of what Europeans get are Islamic. Most of our Muslims have been around a lot longer, some of them are completely home grown. The big influx of Arabs in the past within the U.S. were the Arab Christians. I mean, you would think Detroit could send 100 fighters on its own. But they don't, and I am guessing that they don't think much of ISIS and company either.