Monday, September 22, 2014

Public school panzer blitz!

Our whole sense of ...anything, common or otherwise, is so foggy that I am loosing my own sense of normality.  Since my book reviews have a whole little category called "realism" this of personal importance.
I have read some pretty out there apocalyptic novels, and bits and pieces of some even more extreme militia-style novels which can get really out there in their depiction of a hostile homeland government.
But I don't recall any of them ever thinking to include school authorities within the militarized forces going after people.
The Guardian (U.K.), 18 September 3014 (hat tip: NC)
School police departments across the US have taken advantage of free military surplus gear, stocking up on mine-resistant armoured vehicles, grenade launchers and scores of M16 rifles.
At least 26 school districts have participated in the Pentagon’s surplus program, which is not new but has come under scrutiny after police responded to protesters in Ferguson, Missouri, with teargas, armour-clad military trucks and riot gear...
The Los Angeles unified school district, the nation’s second-largest at 710 square miles with more than 900,000 students enrolled, said it would remove three grenade launchers it had acquired because they “are not essential life-saving items within the scope, duties and mission” of the district’s police force.
But the district would keep the 60 M16s and a military vehicle known as an MRAP used in Iraq and Afghanistan that was built to withstand mine blasts.
Obviously the Los Angeles School police have managed to expand their bureaucratic reach by deploying some sort of SWAT team.  The problem is (and look at the ATF for this) once you have the bureaucracy in place, it likes to find a mission for itself to justify more expansion.


PioneerPreppy said...

Who would have ever thought schools would need or desire their own police forces?

That is just insanity squared.

James M Dakin said...

Schools are prisons. Before, you HAD to send the child there. Now, it is optional with official online classes or approved homeschooling. Those that send their kids there are doing it for free babysitting so they can go to debtors work camps. Those then become parent approved prisons. Love your kids? Want them free? Don't be a wage slave in debt. That prisons get more, deadlier guards should surprise no one.

russell1200 said...

Pioneer: I know. And these are the people who suspend kids for drawing pictures of guns.

James: LOL- I send my son to educational prison so I don't have to go to debtors prison. But we have one of the best school systems in the country.

I was just thinking of you. Read a book, Noise by Darin Bradley. Very hardcore survival disguised within literary fiction. But boy could those kids have used a lesson in cheap firearms! They had none because they spent it on other stuff. Interesting stuff, but still. No cheap bolt action rifle, or cheap .38?

Harry Flashman said...

When I saw the machine gun tag I thought the schools were deploying M60's. In some of the gang ridden parts of Southern Cal they probably need to.

russell1200 said...

Harry: I think I would be more comfortable with them having an M60 than a grenade launcher.