Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Military grade honey bees

Bees are described in apocalyptic terms with regard to their recent mass die off.
There is a post-apocalyptic series out there, Queen City Jazz, where huge bio-engineered bees are used as information careers.  Given that the novel is described as representing a bio-engineered world gone mad, the bees roll is somewhat problematic.

Well now we have military grade honey bees.  More troops for the apocalypse.

Honeybees trained in Croatia to find land mines
Dusan Stojanovic and Darko Bandic, AP 18 May 2013 (hat tip: MR)
Mirjana Filipovic is still haunted by the land mine blast that killed her boyfriend and blew off her left leg while on a fishing trip nearly a decade ago. It happened in a field that was supposedly de-mined.
Now, unlikely heroes may be coming to the rescue to prevent similar tragedies: sugar-craving honeybees. Croatian researchers are training them to find unexploded mines littering their country and the rest of the Balkans.


PioneerPreppy said...

Sorry but that sounds ridiculous to me. A forager bee has a life span of only a few weeks before dying. You would have to constantly train them and then you would only be training them to associate the explosive smell and syrup together it wouldn't mean they would seek out just the explosives.

Not to mention how are they going to follow the bees anyway?

Francis Lee said...

It's very current at the moment about bees!

russell1200 said...

Pioneer: These are clean living bees. No moonshine, or any of that type of stuff that the wild Missouri bees get into, or alternatively, maybe they don't take long to train.

Francis: Yes bees are in the news.