Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Apocalyptic publishing

I had not realized that there were such specialized apocalyptic publishers out there.  Then one of my G-mail (Google) alerts sent me to Permuted Press.

It appears to be zombie (with a few werewolves) central.  I am not as conversant with zombies as I might be, but I do recognize a number of the titles.

While I don't have anything in particular against supernatural apocalypses, or even virus induced supernatural apocalypses, as zombie attacks are now derived, I did ask them which of their titles were non-zombie or werewolf based.

The following list came back.

Long Voyage Back
Long Voyage Back is a classic reprint that I have already reviewedNeena Gathering, dates back to 1988, and I already own based on some strong reviews I saw somewhere..  The other four are more recent, and of them, I have seen 14 get some strong reviews.  It certainly gets at the front of alphabetized lists.  If I ever get around to writing a novel, I will have to remember to call it "1!" by Aaron Aardvark.  Nothing like getting to the head of the line!


kymber said...

Russell - i am waiting with baited breath for you to write a novel!!! with your incredibly-detailed scoring system for novels - you would definitely incorporate all of that into whatever novel you wrote - and that would make it great fun to read! my only tip would be to include tildes in your novel like this:
~Russell's novel~

apparently the tilde is THE first symbol/letter in the alphabet.

now go write us a novel! your friend,

russell1200 said...


~Aarons Apocalypse

Sounds like a winner to me! If I included everything, it might be longer than War and Peace.

If I made it about practical advise it would be something like this:

Fast collapse = hide really really well.

Slow collapse = to avoid starvation, keep expenses low, and keep your day job for as long as you possibly can, and hope you die of old age (which has happened to many of the 70s survival types) before anything worse happens.

PioneerPreppy said...

In case of zombies stay away from kymber they really want her bad.

russell1200 said...

Pioneer: Canadians are similar in appearance to zombies, but not to be confused with them. Canadian's pale skin is an adaptation to camouflaging themselves in all that snow up by the Arctic Circle and is not to be confused with the blood drained deathly pallor of the zombie-folk. It is possible over time that they will develop short little feet and long flipper like arms.

kymber said...

PP - no more trouts for you!

and Russell - i am not pale! but i do have dainty little ballet feet!

your friend,

russell1200 said...

Kymber: It's all relative, and yes, I can see from your picture that you have dainty feet, however, you seem to be taking an alternate evolutionary route, and are set to become the first animal to use their ears as paddles.