Saturday, March 30, 2013

Archer Garrett's latest book released

Just an FYI to you folks that are interested in Archer Garrett's work.  I reviewed his Western Front book a little while back, and he has now released his latest book in the series, the Nine of the North (NotN).  As the fourth book in the Western Front universe, it picks up where Kratocracy left off.   He has posted free chapters at his Blog.
There is definitely some prepping, and collapsing going on here, but the part of the blurb where it is noted-
tentacles of darkness have inevitably traveled across the Atlantic and are now tightening their grip on the American republic.
- sounds maybe a bit more like a militia-style fiction than I prefer.  But that is me, I know a lot of people love that type of writing, and with Rawles seeming to have jumped the shark, other sources must be found. So I am passing on the information.

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