Thursday, September 4, 2014

Cli-Fi disaster list

Over at Resource Crises (used to be the much more interestingly named Cassandra's Legacy). They have come up with a list of ten climate related crises as appropriate to fictional settings.  They refer to this climate related disaster fiction as "Cli-Fi."

Here is the list

Cli-fi: ten assorted doomsday scenarios
1. "The great sea onrush"
3. "The great ring of ice disaster". 
4. "The Big Freeze" (or: "the Younger Dryas reloaded").
5. "Tickling the tail of the dragon" (or: "Shooting yourself with the calthrate gun").
6.  "The Great Coal Flame" (or "Saddam squared").
7. "Goldilock's disasters" or "The great climate rebound".
8. "Superstorms!"
9. "The world as a gas chamber".
10 "Venus, the ultimate disaster."

Note that I am only listing the types, the full details are at the post. Note that I do think they are missing a few of them.  Obviously they wanted to stop the list at ten.  The obvious, big one, is ozone related issues.

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