Monday, April 16, 2012

New Dystopian Fiction from down under

There is a new Australian dystopian fiction magazine out, Dark Edifice that has come out.

Its free inaugural issue can be found here (pdf).  There website is here, and their facebook page is here.

It came to our attention because our author-friend down under, Guy Salvidge had a couple stories published in it.


Guy Salvidge said...

Hope you found something worth reading, Russell! Also look out for Tobacco Stained Sky, a collection of post-apocalyptic noir stories, from US publisher Another Sky Press later in the year.

russell1200 said...


Hang my head in shame.

I am still tied up trying to finish up EMP-Solar flare stories. One particularly slow read (now complete) really threw off my schedule.

I might do an economic collapse series next as I already have some read and reviewed, but not posted yet. I had thought I was done with EMP and had switched over, but than found some more.

I will kee an eye out for Tobacoo Stained sky.