Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Waddling through the apocalypse

So if you have a slow collapse scenario, how do the issues change?
There is the obvious point that anyone preparing for a catastrophic crises is going to face issues of aging if the situation drags on.
After all, we still have lots of nukes pointed at us, so you can't say that crises went away: at least not completely. Yet many of the survivalists, called retreaters back then, of the 1970s, have aged out, and are no longer with us.  So you can call their survivalist mission a draw.  They lived out their lives well enough, but had somewhat a failure in timing. Thus spending time and resources on unneeded items.  A significant opportunity cost.
But a slow collapse is a different beast, in fact you don't even have to have to have a collapse.  A long period of crappiness will go a long way to making peoples lives difficult.  Presumably with a populace in a weakened condition, you are set up for follow on problems.
Well here is an issue I had not really thought of.

Jobless contend with weight gain as they search for work
Michael S. Rosenwald, Washington Post, 11 May 2014 (hat tip: MR)
A subject long ignored by policymakers, and one that unemployment counselors are too sheepish to raise with job seekers, the link between bulging waistlines and joblessness is now of intense interest to researchers studying the long-term effects of the country’s economic malaise.
Recent studies and surveys have shown a distinct relationship between unemployment and obesity, particularly for lower-skilled workers who struggle to find work — a search made more challenging by their weight.
They note that even the employed in an area of high unemployment will have a tendency to put on more weight.
So when we are writing that slow collapse novel, you may want to consider having depressed waddlers rather then the desperate gaunt folks.


PioneerPreppy said...


Where the hell you been?

Since most collapse novels take place after unemployment benefits and EBT go away I doubt the weight gain will be an issue then.

I can attest to the fact that not working has caused me to put on about 10 or 15 pounds though.

kymber said...

i'm with Pioneer P (even tho he's a wiener! bahahahah!) - but i've been missing you too! all i can say in regards to this article is to remember the first rule from the movie "zombieland" which is cardio. working on a homestead, swimming and fishing keeps your cardio healthy. if the zombies or the unemployed fatties start turning crazy - you just need to outrun them. and don't ever forget to double tap. glad to see you back to posting bro.

your friend,

longtime wife said...

Part of the reason is because for many, good healthy food is way more expensive than Mac and cheese and hot dogs. What we need to be teaching people on any social benefits is how to garden, preserving your own food, and scratch cooking. I believe with the droughts and things that are happening that are making food prices soar, we need to ,as a nation, start learning how to garden. So many people think just throw the seeds in and it Will grow. This is what I see will be the wake up call to people.

Spud said...

I have observed and stated that same fact from time to time.

Degringolade said...

Good to have you about again. Looks like you are in the off-again, on-again writing mode that I have been struggling with.

Good piece.


Degringolade said...

I responded to your comment, I don't know if you re-read (I most certainly would not), so here is my response to your most recent comment.

Russell: You know I love you man, but the world is changing. I said nothing about mankind. Yes, the human population is due for an overdue trimming. But that really doesn't effect the world. When Protagoras stirred up a controversy with the statement "Man is the measure of all things", he did not mean that the health an well being of the human population was the measure of the health and well being of the planet.
Lotta folks gonna shuffle off this mortal coil sooner than they would prefer.

russell1200 said...

Pioneer: I have been way too busy at work.

Kymber: Lord Bison argues who should be running with bolt-actions. No double tap there.

Longtime: I am into gardening so I don't disagree at all. But if you are in one of the drought areas you may have some problems. It's a little like the folks who put their hideaway out in the middle of the woods, and ignore the current plague of mega-forest fires.

Spud: Yes, and I am always a little surprised at the seriously out of shape prepper types. Granted that a lot of them seem to be of the Glen Beck crowd, so their inspiration is a little different, but still.

Degringolade: Thanks.

I did go back earlier, but you had not responded yet. But truthfully, unless there is a notice button I often forget.