Thursday, December 12, 2013

Alternative post apocalyptic lifestyles

Back when nuclear obliteration was the survivalist meme of choice, the fictional literature had all sorts of incestuous speculations about how the last survivors would repopulate the world.

So the idea doesn't seem that far fetched that the well stocked survivalist compound might become an extended harem of sorts.

Rich Kazakhs Revive Polygamy as Women Seek Poverty Escape
Nariman Gizitdinov, Bloomberg, 3 Decmeber 2013 (hat tip: NC)
Given the choice between love and money, Samal, a tall, curly-haired 23-year-old woman from a village in southern Kazakhstan, would take the cash.
Struggling to pay rent and tuition on her salary as a waitress in Almaty, the Kazakh commercial capital, Samal says she’d drop her boyfriend in a heartbeat if a wealthy older man offered to make her his second wife.
“Becoming a tokal would be a fairy tale,” Samal says during a break at the cafe where she works, using the Kazakh word for the youngest of two wives, who traditionally gets her own apartment, car and monthly allowance.
Anyone who, in their dating years, ever lost the girl of their dreams to the nebbish with the fancy car, I suppose would sympathies with the waitresses poor boyfriend.

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