Thursday, August 1, 2013

Verizon, copper, and the return of the Jutes

I had seen some rumblings of this somewhere, but it looks like it is not immediately going away.
I would guess, that one sign of overreach is the inability of an Empire to maintain its infrastructure.  A less extreme version of the Romans pulling out of Britain and leaving it to the Angles, and Saxons, and Jutes.

Verizon Ready to "Kill Copper" and Take Hostages
Rainbow Girl, Corrente, 26 July 2013 (hat tip: NC)
The main pilot program rolled out in Fire Island, NY, post-Sandy [shock doctrine opportunity.] Sandy damaged all the copper lines and Verizon has a monopoly for copper phone service in Fire Island. Instead of fixing the existing phone lines, Verizon -- eager to find opportunities to roll our "Voice Link" -- an ObamaCare like product that is expensive, does not work and causes life-threatening and working-people's-economy threatening things -- tells Fire Islanders take our "Voice Link" or get lost. And the NY Public Service Commission is "considering" Verizon's request to kill all copper and force its customers to buy this defective, overpriced product -- in all it's markets.
Hopefully, when the Jutes show up, the warning call from the Fire Islanders will get through.  After all, while Jutes (gave their name to Jutland) are a bit rare on the ground these days, nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition either.


James M Dakin said...

I wonder if the bridge to the island ( I'm assuming Fire Island is actually an island, as I have little desire to learn too much about GottDamnYankeeLand ) is going to collapse soon?

russell1200 said...


Fire Island is an "outer banks" style thin strip of an island that has two large bridges at either end. It is famous for being a "gay" beach. I have no idea as to the status of their bridges, but the area is both wealthy and influential, so it is telling that they are thinking of letting the infrastructure go.