Saturday, February 2, 2013

More frosty apocalyptic releases: William C. Dietz's The Seeds of Man

Given that the hot house planet is the recognized (or denied) future gloom inducing trend, it is interesting to see so many icy apocalypses released in such short order.  We recently had both Lexi Revellian, and our friend D. Robert Grixti releasing frozen end times fare.
Now we have William C. Dietz, a well established science fiction author who seems to reside within the highly commercial, (possibly) male-driven, science fiction adventure niche.
The possibly too serious minded Science Fiction Encyclopedia dams him slightly with feint praise:
As an author of entertainments, Dietz stands out for his thorough grasp of the devices of sf.
In any case his new icy fair is The Seeds of Man

From the blurb:
With The Seeds of Man New York Times bestselling science fiction author William C. Dietz offers us a post apocalyptic future where bullets can be used to purchase anything, and only the strongest will survive.
Millions were killed during a brief nuclear war. But now, fifty years later, the world is locked in the cold embrace of a nuclear winter and food is scarce. Billions of people are dead of starvation and the survivors are battling each other for what remains.
Two youngsters are running around in this mess.  The seeds are from a seed bank, so I don't think it involves the type of seed (as in spilling) in Genesis 38:9
I don't have anything against the cover, but although Dietz is the heavy of the three authors we have noted, I think I like the other two covers better.  Particularly Ms. Lexi's snowglobe.  Dietz's cover for some reason it just seems like it is Paul Bunyan on the front cover.


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