Sunday, May 13, 2012

Turn Wheels Turn

The wheel in the sky keeps on turning. It keeps going around and around and around. It goes around and around, many times. Because of course it is turning – continuously - As in - not stopping - Ever. Or in a sense – never –as in it never stops – ever: never ever, ever never. It is not entirely clear if the wheel is progressing forward, or simply spinning in a stationary fashion on its axis. But we know, with certainty, that it is going around and around. It, the wheel, keeps on turning…
Which is a slightly non-literal translation of what you get when your eight year old puts Journey’s "Wheel in the Sky" (video) on “repeat one” in his CD player.

To him of course this is new music, having heard it on the radio for the first time just the other day.  He is happy as a clam.

Wheels Turning (from here)

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