Saturday, April 30, 2011

War! Generational War!

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It is a bit ironic that our most narcissistic generation is likely to be our most screwed-over generations. 

Or will they?

Will they fight back?  Will they show that they will not be slaves to the aged boomers, that they will work to better their own lives, not to be the servile class of their elders?

Some of our brightest punditrey thinks that much like in the middle east, we are soon to have a war on our hands!  The Young against the Old!

Connecting the Dots: The Coming War Between Generations

What we are witnessing in the Middle East where the young, who have little or no political voice and a not so bright future are throwing off their autocratic gerontocracies at an incredible pace.   Something similar will manifest here and the rest of the aging west, though probably in different way, when younger generations realize the consequences of being saddled with a massive debt and declining public services as the tax revenues are diverted to debt service and retirement benefits.   Not to mention the world full of carbon they have inherited.

They to, like their Facebook brethren in the Middle East, will revolt and throw off the gerontocracy that will control the political system as baby boomers age, which over taxes them to pay the debt used to finance the excessive consumption and current retirement benefits of their parents and/or grandparents generation.
It doesn’t take a C.I.A. analyst with a Ph.D. to realize the potential for political blowback when one generation is rendered into servitude due to the excesses of another.   Or does it?  from Connecting the Dots: The Coming War Between Generations at Macromon.
Oh the horrors! Whatever are we to do! 

The youth of America are already mobilizing.  They are stocking up on food and fodder for a long campaign.  These guys look like they are planning to march to Moscow and back!

They have begun organizing and bringing in new recruits.

Of course they will be pitted against this dangerous, militant crowd.

Well it is looking a bit dicey.  If our overseas readers don't hear from us, you know that we went down with the ship having not yet begun to fight and regreting that we only have only one life to give to our country.

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